Oekraine Oorlog Vluchteling


26 march 2022

I had contact with some people living in Ukraine. Then the war came. I have strong feelings about it but that is not the purpose of this blog. This blog is about my findings about offering a home to a refugee from Ukraine I met before the war, I am living in the Netherlands.

My friend was living in the south west of Ukraine. She was living alone and had a good life until some lunatic decided he had to bomb and invade Ukraine.

Februari, 28th

My friend decided to leave Ukraine. Arrangements are made to travel to Lviv by car with friends. There will be an address to stay the night, even longer if that is needed.

March, 1st

We were looking at options to travel to Poland. Trains are all booked, even when you look a month further. Busses are a possibility, have to wait for a few days. I did book a ticket for a bus to Przemsyl, 6th March.

March, 2nd

My friend arrived safe in the Lviv area after a long ride with car and public transport.

March, 3rd

Just after one night at a sleeping address at someone related to a friend or collegue, she was able to travel by train to Przemsyl. It took far more time then needed but finally late at night she arrived there. There was an address where she could stay. Nice people and she got her own room there.

March, 4-5

She was sleeping at the address at Poland with very nice people. I was looking for a way to book a flight to the Netherlands or somewhere near. I was expecting to travel from Warsaw but she told me they would drive her to Krakow. From there it was possible to fly directly to the Netherlands. The first option was cancelled by the operator because they donated all tickets to Ukrainian refugees. And since I booked the ticket, I was not one of them. But I found a flight on Sunday to Eindhoven Airport so I booked that one.

Meanwhile I was preparing a room and a bed for my guest to come and stay at my house. Did wash the bed, cleaned the room, bought and installed a closet, a small table and relocated some things of my own to make room.

My friend took a coronatest to be able to fly. Just a day before, she ‘ve got her booster vaccination in Poland.

March, 6th

After finishing the last tasks at the room I had to get fuel and drove to Eindhoven Airport. That is on the other side of the country and there were a lot of roadworks going on that day. It was almost a three hour drive for me to get there.

The plain was early so she was at the landing time in the arrival hall. I was already waiting for her. We greeted and hugged and left to the car and drove back to Groningen.